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Getting Started in DADO for Mobile Users
Getting Started in DADO for Mobile Users

Learn how to set up your DADO account in addition to some other useful information to help get started in DADO.

Written by Alex Schickling
Updated over a week ago

This article goes over some basic information to help you get started with DADO on an iPhone or iPad. Read through this article if you've never used DADO before, or if you just need a quick reference!

Installing the Application

DADO can be installed on your iPhone or iPad in the same way that any app is - through the App Store. First, open the App Store, search for "dado for construction". Open the App's page by tapping on its search result, then tap "Get" to start downloading the app.

install DADO for Construction by searching for it in the app store

Setting Up Your DADO Account

Before using DADO, you'll need to create an account. First, check your email inbox for an email from with a subject of "Create your DADO Account".

NOTE: If you cannot find this email, check your email's spam folder, or reach out to a DADO administrator at your company and request an invitation to DADO. 

Copy the Temporary Password provided in this email by pressing and holding on the text, then tapping "Copy". Next, open DADO on the device. Tap "Login", then supply your email address and the temporary password in the Login form. Next, supply a permanent password and complete your user profile.

Getting to your Project

In DADO, documents live inside of Projects, so all of the work that you will be doing in DADO will be within these Projects. After logging in, you will be presented with a list of companies. Most users only belong to one company. Tap the company to view the projects that you've been given access to.

Tap a project to find its documents, create binders, and fill out forms. All of these actions are performed within the context of the project you opened.

NOTE: If you cannot locate the Company or Project that you are looking for, reach out to your DADO administrator for help. You must be invited to Companies and Projects by a DADO administrator in order to access them.

Video Tutorial

The following video also covers downloading DADO, logging in, and how to find a project with your documents. To learn how to create an account, read this section.

Now What?

DADO has a variety of features designed to help you find information fast, among other things. To learn more about how to get the most out of DADO, check out some of the following resources.

Finding Documents

One of DADO's primary roles is to help you find documents that you're looking for as quickly as possible. Click/tap the button below learn about ways to find content like drawings, specifications, and submittals in DADO's iOS app.


Binders are personal folders that users can place documents in. Use binders to:

  • Put frequently-viewed documents in one place,

  • Organize documents by work area or scope,

  • Share custom document collections with other team members, and

  • download documents for offline viewing.

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