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Organizing Documents Using Binders
Organizing Documents Using Binders

Learn how to use binders to organize content into smaller collections, and download documents for offline use.

Written by Alex Schickling
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Binders are personal folders that users can place documents in. Use binders to:

  • Put frequently-viewed documents in one place,

  • Organize documents by work area or scope,

  • Share custom document collections with other team members, and

  • download documents for offline viewing.

To get started, tap the Binders button - located along the bottom of the screen.

Default Binders

By default, you will have access to two binders:

  • Private Binder: Accessible only by you. This is useful for one-off or random documents that you'd like to store for quick access.

  • Project Binder: Accessible to everyone in it project. This is useful for documents that need to be easily accessible for everyone on the job site. For instance, emergency plans, safety protocol, or a site directory.

NOTE: You may add or remove content from either of the default binders described above, but you cannot modify their settings. These binders cannot be deleted.

Adding Documents to Binders

To add content to a binder, find the document you'd like to add from Documents, tap the "..." menu button, then tap "Add to Binder". Finally, select the binder you would like to add the document to.

TIP: To add a specific page of a document to a binder, scroll to the desired page before tapping the ... menu button.

Creating Custom Binders

Custom binders can be given more descriptive names, and shared with select members of your project team. Binders can be created from Binders Home, or while you're going through the process of selecting a binder to add a document to.

Next, you will be prompted to set up the new binder. After you're satisfied with your selections, tap Save.

NOTE: These settings can be changed later.

Changing a Binder's Name & Adding Collaborators

A binder's name, settings, and collaborators can be modified by doing the following:

  • Open the binder you would like to modify,

  • Tap the settings (cog/gear) icon in the upper-right corner of the screen,

  • Change any of the fields you like, then

  • Tap "Save".

Downloading Binder Contents for Offline Use

Binders can be downloaded so that their contents are viewable while your iPhone or iPad is not connected to the internet. To download a binder:

  • Navigate to Binders Home,

  • Select the Actions ( ⋮ ) button adjacent to the binder you would like to download, then

  • Tap "Download".

After the binder has been downloaded, a green arrow pointing downward will be present below its name.

NOTE: Binder contents will be updated once your iPhone or iPad reconnects to the internet. You do not need to manually download updates.
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