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Find Documents In DADO

Learn how to quickly find the documents that you need using search, browsing, filters, and sort.

Written by Alex Schickling
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One of DADO's primary roles is to help you find documents that you're looking for as quickly as possible. Keep reading to learn about ways to find content like drawings, specifications, and submittals in DADO's iOS app.


When you run a search in your DADO project, DADO looks at every word in each document - even engineering notes. Search will also show you results across all of the different types of documents that you may have in the project. For example - the bottom-most search result in the image below is a Project Drawing. You can refine search results by using filters.

Would you rather not type? Use the Voice Search feature. Press and hold the Search button in order to voice your search phrase:

TIP: Search phrases don't have to be exact. DADO understands that "level 2" also means "2nd floor", that an AHU is an "air handling unit", and so on.

Browse By Document Type

If you prefer to browser through your documents by type (Specifications, Project Drawings, Submittals, etc.), select a document type from your project's Documents Page.

Filtering & Sorting Documents

Sorting and filtering the list of documents you are viewing helps make it easier to browse through content and locate the information you need.


To refine a list of documents or search results, choose a filter from the filter bar. Each type of documents has properties by which they can be filtered. For instance, Project Drawings can be filtered by Discipline, and Specifications can be filtered by Division.

NOTE: You may need to select a document type from the filter bar in order to select properties such as Spec Division, Drawing Discipline, etc.


Change the order of the document list by selecting a sort order. All documents can be sorted by their Import Date ("Newest"), source file name, and some type of date. Different types of documents will have additional properties to sort with.

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