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Syncing From DADO to Procore
Written by Alex Schickling
Updated over a week ago

Feature Overview

DADO Sync for Procore enables 2 way syncing between DADO and Procore. Currently, you can sync Drawings from Procore to DADO. Changes made in DADO will be synced to Procore daily.

Note: this feature is currently only available to select customers, please contact your customer success manager or email to request access to syncing to Procore.

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  • You must have an active DADO account.

  • You must have admin or member access to projects in Procore - all Procore permissions to access content is respected within DADO.

  • You must have the tools enabled in Procore for the content that you want to sync from DADO.

  • A Procore administrator must first install the DADO Sync for the Procore app in their Procore instance. In the Procore App Marketplace, go to the listing link and select install.

  • If you are not an administrator, you can submit a request for the app to be installed. Procore administrators will receive a request notification like the one below with a request and directions to install the app.

Request to install DADO Sync app in Procore

Setting Up Your Syncs

Once you’ve completed the prerequisites, follow the standard steps to sync to Procore as described in Syncing Your Documents in DADO.

Selecting Sync Folders for Procore

All Sync connections that are set up in DADO follow a standard folder structure. Once you authenticate in DADO, you’ll see a layout with nested folders in the following structure where you select your target sync destination in Procore:


⤷ Project

⤷ Document Type (Procore Tool)

⤷ Nested Folders

select project, document type, and subfolder to sync from Procore

Syncing Drawings

  • We suggest synchronizing Project Drawings to Procore Drawings in DADO.

  • You don’t need to set up templates - the metadata is automatically included from DADO Sync.

  • Next, establish your DADO Sync connection.

Syncing drawings from Procore to DADO

Pro Tip: Set your drawings to automatically publish in the Procore Settings tab, and documents administered in DADO will be automatically available in Procore without an additional publishing step.

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