The DADO Plugin for Revit allows you to directly export sheets and plans from your Revit model into DADO, without the hassle of downloading and uploading documents.

Once you install the DADO Plugin for Revit app you will find the DADO plugin in the add-in's toolbar in Revit. To export sheets you will:

  1. Open the DADO Revit plugin - you can identify it with the DADO logo in the upper left corner

  2. You will see an authentication pop-up. Login to DADO with your DADO credentials.

  3. Note you must have administrator access in DADO to successfully export from Revit into DADO.

  4. Select the company and project that has sheets you'd like to export to DADO.

  5. Select the sheets to import - the plugin will pull in the list of sheets available. You can select all of them or a subset.

  6. Select whether these are project drawings or shop drawings.

  7. Select Export.

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