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Counting and Ordering Equipment with DADO
Counting and Ordering Equipment with DADO
Written by Alex Schickling
Updated over a week ago

Run takeoffs in DADO with embedded mark-up and counting tools. In the included video, we will use the example of exhaust fans but this can be applied to any equipment with a standard prefix that you can search.

Steps to Count Equipment in DADO

  1. Search for the equipment you want to count.

  2. Navigate to your related schedule - in the example video, we will use the motor schedule.

  3. Find the equipment marker.

  4. Run DADO search to find documents that you need to run counts from.

  5. Open the drawing(s) which you want to run your counts from.

  6. Search to find all of the equipment

  7. Zoom in the document to confirm that the search result is equipment in the drawing and not a footnote.

  8. Mark your drawing with checkmarks.

  9. View the count of marks with the count measurement that shows in the

  10. Designate your checkmarks as public or private - by default, all mark-ups are public in DADO and can be seen by everyone who has access to the project.

This workflow is currently used by DADO customers.

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