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Hyperlinking Documents Manually in DADO
Hyperlinking Documents Manually in DADO
Written by Alex Schickling
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DADO automatically hyperlinks key project information together. For cases where you need to manually add links, DADO’s Hyperlinks tool gives all users the ability to manually link documents and forms together.

Note: Hyperlinks is currently a web-only tool that is kept in sync across both the web and mobile applications.

Creating and Placing Links

  • Log in to the DADO app from your web browser.

  • Navigate to the Documents tab and open the document viewer for the document you want to add a hyperlink to.

  • Click Add Hyperlink from the top navigation bar, then select Add Document.

    Add Hyperlinks Menu Option
  • Place your hyperlink on the document with a single click of the mouse or touchpad.

    Placing Hyperlinks on a Document
  • Select which document you want to add hyperlinks to in the right menu bar. The menu bar works similarly to the Documents tab, allowing you to access documents by:

    • Recently Viewed: by default your recently viewed documents will show first for a quick selection.

    • Search: this runs a standard DADO search and displays all relevant results.

    • Filters: filter by document type.

Search or Filter to Select Your Hyperlinks

Note: Hyperlinks added to projects will automatically update as new versions of documents come out. Links display on all versions of documents by default. Links automatically update to show you the latest version of a document as the target destination.

Navigating Hyperlinks

Once links have been created, there are 2 modes of viewing the linked documents - from the document viewer and from Smart Links.

Navigating From the Document Viewer

  • Single click: this previews the linked document in the right column. View the full document by double clicking the document preview.

  • Double click: navigate directly to the hyperlinked document.

Navigating from Smart Links

  • Click Smart Links on the top navigation bar.

  • Select Hyperlinks from the Smart Links navigation on the right.

  • Both automatic and manual hyperlinks will appear in the menu, with automatic hyperlinks displaying as the top items.

Deleting Hyperlinks

To delete a single hyperlink, simply click the hyperlink and select delete.

Note that anyone can delete a hyperlink once it has been created.

Showing and Hiding Hyperlinks

By default, hyperlinks will display on documents. To hide hyperlinks, select the “hide” option in the upper right corner navigation next to the search function.

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