Pulling Company Reports
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Export forms data across projects with Company Reports. From the Company Reports tab, create and access reports, and export data on demand.

Note: Reports are a single-user feature and cannot be shared across users.

  • Creating Reports

  • Exporting Reports

Creating Reports

To set up a company report, you must have administrator access to all of the projects that you want to pull data from.

  • Log in to the DADO app from your web browser.

  • Select the Reports tab in the company tools in the upper left navigation.

  • Open the Reports home.

    Blank Company Reports Home
  • Click the Create New Report button in the top right corner of the page.

  • A modal will pop up, giving you options for which reports and projects to pull data from.

  • Give your report a name.

  • Select the data you want to be included in the report.

    • Click the Create Report button.

      Create Company Report
  • Your saved report data will show on the Report page. From here you can:

    • View your data, including reordering the columns.

    • Access the forms.

Company Reports Home

Exporting Reports

Once a report has been created you can export that data.

  • Log in to the DADO app from your web browser.

  • Click the Reports tab in the company tools in the top left navigation.

  • Select the report you want to export - this will open the reports table.

  • Set the filters to the data you want to export. (The filters are the standard DADO filters.)

  • Click Export. The export will reflect the filters you applied on the report table.

Note: For users exporting this data into Power BI, see our Exporting Reports to Power BI video in YouTube.

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