Organize your project documents, forms, and drawings in DADO with Binders. Binders are a collection of documents in DADO that are shared with select members of a project team. This document will review how to use binders in DADO’s web app.

Note: Binders are a cross-platform tool that is kept in sync across both the web and mobile applications.

Default Binders

Each project is pre-loaded with two default binders to save you time creating the most commonly used Binders for each project.

Personal Binder - the Personal Binder is for documents only you need and that aren’t shared with anyone. You can make as many personal binders as you need in a project.

Project Binder - the Project Binder can be accessed by everyone on the project and is a default shared set of documents. If additional project team members are added they will also be able to access the Project Binder without needing to update collaborators in your settings.

Creating a Binder

Binders can be created from two places in DADO:

  1. From Binders Home when you’re setting up your project organization.

  2. From the Document Viewer, you’re already working on a document and need to start organizing them.

Creating a Binder from the Binders Home

  1. Open the project where you want to organize your documents.

  2. On the project menu on the left, click Binders.

  3. Click the Create Binder button at the top right of the page.

  4. A pop-up will appear, asking for some basic information:

    1. Give the binder a name that’s easy to understand. If you plan to have multiple binders in a single project, a standard naming convention will help you to quickly understand what each individual binder contains.

    2. We switch on the Always Show Current Version setting by default. We recommend leaving this on to ensure your team is working from the latest versions of drawings. However, you can switch it off if you need to.

  5. Click Create Binder at the bottom right corner, or read the following instructions for how to add collaborators.

Creating a Binder from the Document Viewer or Search Results Page

  1. Click the Add to Binder button in the top right corner of the Search Results page or Document Viewer.

  2. Click the Add to New Binder button at the bottom.

  3. From there, follow step 4 from the instructions above.

Adding and Removing Collaborators

By default, only the binder creator has access to a binder. To add or remove collaborators:

  1. Go to Binders Home.

  2. Click the three dots icon at the right to access the binder settings, then select "Edit" or "Add Collaborators".

  3. Add the names of the project team members you want to grant binder access to.

    1. Only project team members can be given access to binders.

    2. If a team member has been invited but their account hasn’t been created yet, you can only see their email address.

  4. Click the Add button next to each person’s name. (They’ll be added once you click the button, there’s no "Save" button.)

  5. You will be able to see all collaborators at the top of Settings. To remove someone, click "Remove" next to their name.

manage binder collaborators

Adding Documents, Forms, & Drawings to a Binder

To add a single document to a binder, go to the Search Results page or the Document Viewer. Click the “Add to Binder” button in the top right corner.

To add multiple documents to a binder, go to the Search Results page, select the documents you want to add and click "Add to Binder".

add drawings and documents to binders

Exporting and Emailing Binders

export and download binders
  1. Go to Binders Home.

  2. Click the three dots icon at the right of the binder you want to export or email.

  3. Choose either Export (email) or Download.

  4. If you choose to download the binder, it will begin immediately.

  5. If you choose to export the binder:

    1. Choose who to email it to.

    2. Select which markups to include.

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