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Managing Automated Emails for Form Submissions
Managing Automated Emails for Form Submissions
Written by Alex Schickling
Updated over a week ago

Automated email notifications are set up by form type (for example, Dailies, Work Orders, or RFIs) within a project.

To set them up, you must have admin access for DADO and have already created a Smart Form. See our help article on Creating DADO Smart Forms.

  1. Log in to the DADO app from your web browser.

  2. Open the project that contains the forms you want to manage notifications for.

  3. Open that project’s Settings page.

  4. Go to the Forms tab.

  5. In the Email Notifications column, click the Edit link.

    Form Setting for Email Notifications
  6. A pop-up modal with a field for email addresses will appear. Add project team members by choosing them from the drop-down, and click enter after each entry.

    Select Emails for Notifications

    You can also add email addresses for people who aren’t listed as team members of the project: just type them in.

  7. Click the Save button.

  8. You’ll be back in the Forms Settings screen and should see the number of automated emails associated with the form.

Note: To stop someone from receiving automated email notifications, return to Step 5. The modal will show you a list of recipients; click the Remove link next to the email address you want to remove.

Email Notifications Details

Email notifications will be sent from:

The subject line will be: DADO user [User’s Name] submitted [Form Name+Number]

See a sample email notification below:

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