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Create custom data fields for any document
Create custom data fields for any document
Written by Alex Schickling
Updated over a week ago

Though DADO’s search capabilities find you documents very quickly, sometimes you might want to filter results by a specific criterion, like a date range or user. To enable this next-level filtering, you need to set up custom fields.

To create a new document with custom fields, login to DADO and navigate to Settings (1), then to Custom Documents (2). Click the Create Custom Document button (3).

If you want to add custom fields to an existing document, click Edit next to the document.

Create Custom Documents

In the Create Custom Document dialog, you can define the four default fields (note that the date field is filterable). At the bottom of the dialog, you can add custom fields: up to 10 text, and 5 date fields.

The name that you set for the field is what you want to call the field - for example, if you want to sort by the name of a technician on a form, you’d call the field “Technician”.

To enable these fields to be filterable in search results, click the toggle button under the field name.

Managing Custom Fields

DADO Filters of Custom Fields

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