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Saved Searches and Saved Search Notifications
Saved Searches and Saved Search Notifications

Save Your Most Important Searches and Get Notified of New Documents that Fit Your Saved Searches

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Save the searches you use most frequently, then choose them from a drop-down when you want to run them again.

Once enabled, Saved Searches notifications will alert you to new documents that fit your search results as they become available in the Documents tab.

Start by creating a Saved Search:

Type your desired search into the search bar on the Documents tab, then hit Enter, or click on a suggested result from the drop-down under the search bar.

Next, click Saved Searches to the right of the search bar, and select + Save new search from the drop-down menu. This creates the Saved Search.

Now you can enable notifications for your Saved Search, which means getting an email if any new documents related to the search have been added to the project. Choose how often you’re notified by selecting 1 of the 4 options from the drop-down under Notification Frequency.

Finalize the Saved Search by clicking Save in the bottom right corner of the pop-up.

Access your Saved Searches from the Documents tab by clicking on the Saved Search drop-down to the right of the search bar. Choose your desired Saved Search from the drop-down list.

Manage all of your Saved Searches by repeating the steps above and selecting Manage Saved Searches from the drop-down list.This lets you view all your Saved Searches, and delete the ones that are no longer useful.

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