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Syncing from Autodesk to DADO
Written by Alex Schickling
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Feature Overview

DADO Sync for Autodesk® enables syncing with Autodesk Build and BIM 360®. Changes made in Autodesk will be synced to DADO daily.

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  • You must have an active DADO account.

  • You must have admin or user access to projects in Autodesk. See details on synchronization capabilities in Autodesk’s permissions requirements.

  • An Autodesk administrator must first install the DADO Sync for Autodesk Construction Cloud app in their Autodesk instance. In the Autodesk App Store, go to the listing link and select install. This enables DADO Sync for any project within your company.

    • You may need to enable the app separately for BIM 360 and Autodesk Build.

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Setting up DADO Sync for BIM 360

Once you’ve completed the prerequisites, follow the standard steps to sync to DADO as described in the article Import Your Documents into DADO.

All Sync connections that are set up in DADO follow a standard folder structure. Once you authenticate in DADO you’ll see a layout with nested folders in the following structure:


⤷ Project

⤷ Document Type (sheets and documents modules will be available here)

⤷ Nested Folders

We recommend syncing Autodesk Sheets to Project Drawings in DADO, and creating a dedicated folder and sub-folders in BIM 360 Documents for each document type in DADO. This enables DADO Templates to be set up and optimizes finding information in DADO’s documents module.

Connect to the folder you want to sync. Documents in any nested folders will also be synced.

Sync Support & Permissions

You don’t need to be an admin to connect to DADO Sync, but you will only have limited access to it. Below is an overview of Sync support for admins and non-admins within Autodesk Construction Cloud™. If you need to change these permissions, they’re all managed in the Autodesk Account Settings module.


BIM 360

Autodesk Build

Plans / Sheets


Docs (Project Files)



Field Docs



*You can give individual members access to Project Files as part of Build.

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