This article will cover each step of filling out a form from your web browser. Note: To follow along, a Form must be set up in a project that you're a team member on. If your project doesn't have a Form in it yet, request one from the project's DADO administrator.

How to Fill Out a Form in a Web Browser

Step 1: Open the App

If you haven't already, open DADO for Construction in your web browser by going to If this is the first time you're opening the app in this browser, you may need to log in. Then, select the company and project that has the form you need to fill.

Step 2: Open the Forms Page

Once in the project, click "Forms" in the Project area of the left navigation menu.

Step 3: Choose a Form

Select the form you'd like to fill out by tapping its name in the forms list. If the forms list only says "No forms exist in your project...", ask your administrator add a form to the project in order to continue.

Step 4: Fill Out Fields

Fill out fields on the form by tapping the blue rectangles in areas you'd like to complete. Fields may have different entry methods depending on how the project admin set the form up.

Note: Some fields may be filled out automatically with information such as today's date, your name, or the project's name. You can overwrite some of them if you need to.

Step 5: Submit the Form

If you're finished filling the form in, tap "Submit" to save your answers to DADO. Your submission may become visible in the Documents page if the administrator allows it.

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