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Workshop: Reviewing Documents in DADO
Workshop: Reviewing Documents in DADO

Review documents in DADO to make them available for your project team members for search and markups.

Written by Alex Schickling
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Reviewing Documents in DADO

Once documents are imported, their information needs to be verified. In DADO, this process is called Review. Once documents have been marked as "Reviewed", they are made available to your project team members for quick searching, markups, and sharing in the Documents page or Mobile App.



In this workshop, you will learn how to...

  • Use the admin table to verify document information,

  • Edit document information for one or more documents,

  • Create a basic template for drawings,

  • Mark documents as Reviewed.


  1. Import Some Documents. If you haven't already, import some documents in to a project that you'd like to follow along with. The project we created in the Importing Documents Workshop can also serve as a great starting point for this lesson.

    1. Otherwise, here are some sample documents if you need them: Sample Documents

  2. Follow Along with the Video. If you have more than one monitor, have this video playing in a separate window on your secondary monitor so you can follow along in DADO on your primary display.

  3. Practice. In the video, we only marked Specifications and Project Drawings as "Reviewed". Take a couple of minutes to review any other documents in your project!

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