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Workshop: Importing Documents in DADO
Workshop: Importing Documents in DADO

Import/upload documents into DADO in order to make them available for your project's team members.

Written by Alex Schickling
Updated over a week ago

Importing Documents Into DADO

In order to make drawings, specifications, submittals, or any other kind of document available for search in the mobile or web applications, administrators must first import them. Importing documents is the first step to helping estimators, drafters, foremen, and project managers find what they need fast using DADO.



In this workshop, you will learn how to...

  • Upload documents from your desktop into DADO to their respective Document Type,

  • Use the import log to check document import statuses,

  • Navigate through different document types in the Admin page.


  1. Get the Materials. Download the workshop materials to your computer in order to follow along.

    1. Materials: Sample Documents

  2. Follow Along with the Video. If you have more than one monitor, have this video playing in a separate window on your secondary monitor so you can follow along in DADO on your primary display. Once things are set up how you like them, play the video!

  3. Practice. In the video, we only uploaded and filled out one form, the Observation Report. Take a couple of minutes to build some "muscle memory" by also importing some submittals!

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