In this article, you'll learn about review statuses, and which documents are visible to your teammates.

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Review Status

In the admin tab, a document's review status lets you know whether or not a document is available in the Documents tab for search. Depending on a project's Publish Settings, these statuses may also let non-admins know whether or not documents' information has been verified.

Review Status Column

Pending Review

By default, documents with a status of Pending Review are only visible in the Admin tab (web only). Since these documents are hidden from company members, this is useful for validating information and making edits. Documents obtain this status automatically after being imported and processed, or by being unpublished by an administrator.

Note: In addition to publishing, items with a status of Pending Review can be made visible in the Documents tab by toggling off Review Required in the Publish Settings section of the Settings page. Read below for more details.


Reviewed items are visible in the Documents tab for search, markups, binders, and general browsing. Similar to Pending Review, these documents are still accessible in the Admin tab, and their properties can be edited.

Review Settings

DEPRECATION NOTICE: Review Settings, or the ability to configure projects such that documents marked Pending Review are available for non-admin users, will be unavailable in a future version of DADO. Workflows described in the documentation below may not be available at the time of reading this article.

Configuring a project's Review Settings allows you to control whether documents of a certain type with a Pending Review status are available in the Documents tab. This setting is useful if you have document types that are more important to have available immediately than have correct information assigned.

NOTE: Even if Review Required is toggled off for a document type, it's still recommended that admins verify that each document's information is correct, and even mark them as reviewed.


To make Pending Review documents visible in search:

  1. Open the project you would like to configure.

  2. Click the Project Settings tab in the lower left-hand side bar.

  3. Select "Review Settings".

  4. Click the switch in the Review Required column for the document type you would like to configure.

  5. Click "Turn Off" (or "Turn On") after reading the warning message to confirm the toggle.

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