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Measurement & Counting Tools
Measurement & Counting Tools

DADO's measurement & takeoff tools enable users to track distance, area, and running counts on documents found through search.

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DADO's measurement & takeoff tools enable users to track distance, area, and running counts on documents found through search.

This article covers the following topics:

Note: Scale and Calibration settings are stored in each markup. Verify that each measurement markup's scale is correct before performing work using these tools!

Measurement Tools

Tools in the Measure toolbar are very similar to those found in the Annotate toolbar.

Measurement Tool Icons

Note: The measurement results for the Perimeter, Area, and Count tools is displayed in the lower-right hand corner of the PDF viewer while the markup is selected.


Measure the distance between two points using the Distance tool. To place one:

Distance Icon

  1. Select the Distance tool from the Measure toolbar,

  2. Left-Click on the document to apply the markup's starting point and continue to hold your mouse,

  3. Drag the cursor to the finishing location, then

  4. Release the mouse to complete the measurement.

Placing a Distance Measurement


The Perimeter tool measures the distance along a line with multiple joints. To use this tool:

  1. Select the Perimeter tool from the Measurement toolbar,

  2. Click sequentially to place points of the resulting Polyline, then

  3. Finish the measurement by double-clicking the final point.

Perimeter Measurement

Rectangle & Ellipse Area

To measure the area of rectangular or circular spaces:

  1. Select the Rectangle Area or Ellipse Area tool by clicking their icon on the Measure toolbar,

  2. Move the cursor to any corner next to the area that you would like to find the area of,

  3. Left-Click and hold to start the measurement,

  4. Drag the cursor to the opposite corner of the area that you would like to measure, then

  5. Release your mouse to complete the markup.

Rectangle Area Measurement

Polygon Area

The Polygon Area tool makes it possible to measure the area of a space that's not a rectangle.

  1. Select the Polygon Area tool from the Shapes toolbar,

  2. Click sequentially in order to place points of the Polygon, then

  3. Finish the markup by clicking the square brackets icon surrounding the first point that was placed.

Polygon Area Measurement


The Count tool keeps a running count of its markups on each documents that they're placed on. To count items such as fixtures or equipment:

  1. Select the Count tool from the Measurement toolbar,

  2. Click each item you want to count on the document.

Counting Fixtures

Tip #1: To stop using the Count tool, press the Esc key or select another markup.

Tip #2: To view the current count, select any one of the placed checkmarks.

Scale & Calibration

DADO offers multiple ways to help you take accurate measurements by adjusting the scale of markups.


The Distance tool's Calibration option allows you to define the document's scale based on a known measurement, like the width of a doorway.

  1. Place a Distance markup along a known measurement like a 36" doorway,

  2. Select the resulting markup by left-clicking it,

  3. Click the Calibration icon that appears above or below the selected Distance measurement,

  4. Enter the known value, then

  5. Click "Apply".

Measurement Calibration in DADO

Note: The scale of measurements placed prior to calibration will not update automatically.

Changing a Measurement's Scale

A measurement's scale can be changed even after it's been placed.

  1. Select the measurement you would like to modify,

  2. Click the style icon from the menu that appear above or below the selected markup, then

  3. Modify the Scale property to match the current document.

Changing a Measurement's Scale

Tip: A Measure Tool's scale can also be set in the markup preset menu.

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