Workshop: Creating Forms

Send digital forms to your teammates in the field to be filled out in the DADO mobile app or web browser application.

Written by Alex Schickling
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Fillable Forms in DADO

Forms gives your team a one-stop location on their iPhone, iPad, or web browser to knock out paperwork. A quick setup lets them fill and submit forms like Daily Reports and Material Requests without having to print, scan, or email. Once submitted, forms become available in DADO's intelligent search - even image attachments and markups become searchable!



In this workshop, you will learn how to...

  • Add a form to a DADO project,

  • Configure new forms in DADO,

  • How a PDF should be set up in order to work as a form in DADO, and

  • How to manage form submissions.


  1. Get the Materials. Download the workshop materials to your computer in order to follow along.

  2. Follow Along with the Video. If you have more than one monitor, have this video playing in a separate window on your secondary monitor so you can follow along in DADO on your primary display. Once things are set up how you like them, play the video!

  3. Practice. In the video, we only uploaded and filled out one form, the Observation Report. Take a couple of minutes to build some "muscle memory" by also adding the T&M Ticket form and Attendance Form to your workshop project!

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